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Welcome to Chris Juniors Private school where we cherish our hard earned success. We thrive by our motto: Different, Better, Above Board. Our school is home to close to 400 learners and teachers who are driven by one aim to be different, better and ultimately above board through hard work, commitment and dedication..

More About Us


To be a highly competitive school which offers excellent tuition,nurtures talent,moulds morals and produces the best academic results in every primary and secondary school grade in Namibia.


To equip the learners with academic and life skills so as to produce a total person. To identify and unlock talent thereby ensuring that our products can be incorporated in any sphere of human endeavor.

Message From The Principal

Founded on the principle of diversity, Chris Junior Private School opens its doors to learners of assorted backgrounds, creeds and cultures. Our school is therefore a hub that facilitates the interaction of these learners which greatly contributes to their societal awareness. We at Chris Junior Private School endorse a parent-teacher relationship which we believe is an essential element that helps sculpt our teaching strategies and approaches in dealing with our learners. We as a school succeed in exposing our learners to competition from as young as four years old all the way up to the senior learners. This has been greatly beneficial in learner development. Seeing that competitions are rule bound, our learners are taught to follow rules even outside the classroom settings; therefore shaping the idea that lessons learnt in any extra-curriculum activities are transferable to aspects of everyday and schooling life. Our devoted and self-driven teachers play a fundamental role in creating a productive learning atmosphere. Our teachers are not only educators, but mentors, counsellors and comrades in arms in an academic war.


Chris Juniors Private School follows the Ministry of Education's curriculum . Pre-Primary We enroll learners from 4-6 years for our kindergarten class and pre-primary class(Grade 0)

  • 1-3
    Junior Primary

    Our junior primary phase has the following subjects in their curriculum :

    English second language,
    Afrikaans second language,
    Oshindonga first language,
    Environmental studies,
    Physical Education,
    Religious and Moral Education,
    Information Technology

  • 4-7
    Senior Primary

    Subjects offered :

    English Second Language,
    Afrikaans Second Language,
    Oshindonga First Language,
    Social Studies,
    Elementary Agriculture,
    Natural Science and Health,
    Non -promotional Subjects Physical Education,
    Life Skills,
    Religious and Moral Education,
    Information and Communication

  • 8-10
    Junior secondary

    Promotional subjects offered :

    English Second Language,
    Afrikaans Second Language,
    Oshindonga First Language,
    Life Science,
    Physical Science,
    Non -promotional Subjects Life Skills,
    Religious and Moral Education,
    Information and Communication.